Khonso is founded by three friends: Kevin Downing, Corby Hannah, and William Teasley. One evening in 2013, Kevin and William were having a dads’ night out drinking imported beer when the idea of launching a brewery was shared, and the seeds of Khonso were planted. Corby and Kevin had already had this conversation during their younger years, and the three men, armed with a homebrew kit, some basic equipment, and their passion for beer, began their brewing journey as Brothers That Brew. Nine years of combined all-grain home brewing experience (nearly 750 gallons brewed), flavor experimentation, and conversations with regional and local brewers helped Khonso to take root.

We have had phenomenal support from our community along the way that has allowed Khonso to grow from an idea into a future brewery. We have shared our home brewed beer with hundreds of old and new friends. Their brutally honest feedback continuously inspires us to constantly assess, evolve, and improve our beer so that everyone can celebrate and be a part of The Khonso Experience with us. Our name and our future brewery spaces are a reflection of our community and the name the they selected which honors the rich history of beer.

Khonso is named in honor of Khonso Im Heb, the ancient Egyptian brewer to the pharaohs and the gods of the dead (Osiris and Anubis). In ancient Egypt, beer was for everyone: young, old, rich, poor, women, and men. Khonso Im Heb is the first official large scale brewer of record whose beer was enjoyed by all in the Kingdom. The name - Khonso Brewing Company - was selected by our great community which has been a part of our journey from that first brew.