Khonso Brewing Company (Khonso) fuses different beer styles together to create a unique beer experience. Khonso’s eclectic beer recipes have a unique taste and vibe that comes from the blending of different grains, flavors, and yeasts to create fresh styles. Khonso beer is “An unforgettable escape from the ordinary”, also known as The Khonso Experience. Highlighted below are four signature beers that will be brewed during our contract brewing period at Left Nut Brewing in Gainesville, Georgia.

Standing Peachtree (6% ABV)
Standing Peachtree, the original name of an area that would one day became Atlanta, embraces the essence of Atlanta’s growth and transformation. This Pale Ale is a fusion of Golden and Blonde Ale styles that is flavorful and complex. Single hopped with Amarillo and brewed with cardamom and Georgia peaches (when available), Standing Peachtree sets a new standard for Atlanta and beyond.

Pullman Yard Porter (8% ABV)
For over a century after the Civil War, men, primarily African American, were hired as Pullman Porters to bring opulence and convenience to the growing railroad industry, especially at Atlanta’s Pullman Rail Yard. Our Pullman is a chocolate, toffee Porter that blends cherry and mesquite smoked malted wheat and barley grains along with molasses and Chinook hops to create a fusion American Porter.

Excelsior (8.5% ABV)
Originally located in Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta, the Excelsior Mill was a 19th century industrial manufacturing plant. The Mill transformed into a restaurant, bar and then the “storied” music venue, The Masquerade. Our Excelsior Red Ale transcends time using pale malt, roasted grains, candied sugar, and Kent Golding hops to create spicy fruit notes along with hints of caramel and malty sweetness.

Sweet Auburn (7% ABV, 56 IBUs)
Named for one of Atlanta's historic communities, Sweet Auburn is an IPA that fuses pale and victory malts, ginger, herbs, and plums (Georgia plums when available) to create a flavorful IPA that is a cut above the rest of the IPAs in the market. Sweet Auburn embraces a growing Southern Style IPA tradition, big flavor with a malty sweetness. This IPA represents that when diverse flavors come together you have a beer that is above the ordinary.